Best 5 Blogger Template for Adsense Approval 2022

Best 5 blogger template

Are you looking for best blogger template for your blogger site. Today in this article i will tell you which template are best for blogger site.

I have enough experience about blogging. And i know which template are best and suitable for a blogger website. If you want to make a website and you need a blogger template then you use this type template on your blogger website.

If you want a create a website. And you want earn money by adsense then you use this template. Because in this template which i given in this article, it is adsense friendly. You can easily setup your ads on this section easly. And it is totally free. So, why you waiting lets get now this blogger template.

This numberic i made for article writing. This is my personal opinion, all template are same that i tell in this article.


At the first number ia the template name is medium ui. This is most demandable template. You can setup the theme in your blogspot website very easily. Below i given the download link of the medium ui blogger template.


Eventmag is on of best blogger template ever 2022. If you want a event blog then i suggest you to use this blogger template. This template setup process are very easy. And you can customize many format which is totally free. You should to use the template for your blog at least one time.


Many people are want to use a professional blogger template but they unfortunately find best template. This template are very useful for blogspot users. The theme are loading very smothly. And it has free version or premium version both. Below i give the link of the template.


The template was get best seller award in templetify website. This is most demandable template. You get many benefits by using this template. It has two version that is paid another one free. Paid version is most popular for this template. Below i given link free version and paid version. You can download or buy the template very easily.


If you need a faster or seo friendly blogger template then starter blogger template is best suitable template for you. When you start to use this template then you get many beneficial. Below i give the link free version or paid version both. You can easily download or buy it from their store.


Every blogger template has free version. If you don’t buy a paid template then i suggest to you for use free template. Every blogger template has free version. But, don’t use crack or null version. Because, it the main dangerous for your site. Sometimes, will hack your website. So, be careful about it. don’t use crack version of a theme. always use paid, otherwise free version.

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