Earn Money by Blogging with Adsense new method 2023

Earn money by blogging

How to earn money by blogging?

Currently, blogging is one of the best platforms to earn from the internet.  It is possible to earn a lot of money per month by blogging.  It requires skill and experience.  Moreover, many people are earning money by doing these things.  How is it possible? Of course, it is possible. 

How does it, in this article I will discuss the whole matter.  Also, know how you can do this as a beginner blogger?  How a blogger is earning thousands of dollars per month.  If you are interested to start earning then get started today, after reading my article.  Could Blogging Be Your Future?  Is it possible to earn a lot of money by blogging? For Blogging needs additional cost or not?  Stay with these tuned for answers to these common questions.

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What is Blogging?

People are reading this as a new condition.  Surely the question will come between them, what is blogging?  Does it eat or give to the head? Is it also possible to earn money? Yes, it is possible to earn money. Know if it works well.

Blogging is just about writing.  Writing does not mean that you just write whatever comes to mind. Here you have to write specific aspects well. Suppose you write an article. The article is an agreeable one. And if you write irrelevant things here, then of course it is not acceptable. So blogging is about capturing the interest of readers by writing well about a particular topic.

What thing need to do blogging?

Blogging can be done in many ways. To have a blog, you need a website. And to create this website, hosting and a domain are needed. What are Domain and hosting? is written in the next paragraph. Along with domain hosting, you also make yourself to be efficient. Because you will run the site yourself, you must have all the ideas of how to create the site or how to post it. To learn them well, you have to watch articles from different sites or videos from different YouTube channels.

What is Domain or Hosting?

To run a website the first thing you need is a domain and hosting.  Many people think that domain hosting is the same word. It is not. The domain is one thing and hosting is another. The domain is what we enter by searching in Google. As you can see on my site it says www.topthingbd.com it is a domain. You will see this name on more websites. All are separate domains.

And the hosting is that all the content of a site is posted, then the page shows everything, but everything is kept in the hosting. Hosting is just as important as the domain. As you can see that I am hosting these articles as you are reading this article on my site. So hosting is used to deliver the information to the audience. Hope I have understood to you what domain hosting is and how important it is for a site.

How much can cost to start a blog site?

Many people are saying that blogging is a free platform. It is not. Blogging requires you to invest at least a little bit. Here if you want you can invest much amount and if you want you can invest less. To start blogging you need to understand or know about WordPress first. When you open a site from WordPress, you need to buy both a domain and hosting.  It can cost as much as 50 USD. Then buy a theme if you want. Otherwise, you can use a free theme.

Apart from this, there is another popular platform that is blogger.com from here you can create a site with just a domain. Because it provides free hosting. In this case, you only need to buy a domain for 10 USD. The theme doesn’t matter. It will work even if you don’t buy it. So you can start a blogging journey at a very low cost.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform or website with the help of which a website is built. Building a WordPress site requires purchasing both a domain and hosting. Otherwise, it cannot be used and the site will not be created. WordPress is a company that gives you the option to customize the site very easily.

You can create and customize a website in time without knowing any coding. This is called CMS. Many companies have benefited from the advent of this CMS. Because they are making the website as per their requirement effortlessly without any kind of trouble. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for websites.  Most people use it.

What is Blogger?

Blogger can also be called a CMS like WordPress. But the difference between them is almost sky-high. Blogger is the first to get free unlimited hosting. And this hosting will never have problems. Because it is Google’s product. Google understands what it means. We know that every Google product is unique. And you have to buy the domain yourself. According to me if you are new then there is no need to invest so much. Start small.  So start your blogger journey with a domain. And Make life settle. So according to me, the blogger platform is best for beginners.

Adsense earn

How to earn from blogging via Adsense?

First, you need AdSense approval to earn. You can apply for Adsense when your site is eligible. So how do you know if your site is suitable for AdSense? You don’t have to understand it. Just post regularly on your blog site. It’s okay to post, but it’s not okay to post like that. This requires your unique talent. It means you have to write unique articles. Make sure that your article is not similar to other sites. Try to keep it unique. Otherwise, Adsense will disapprove you with the copyright issue.


Finally, we can only make bread and you are responsible for eating. Just like you can learn from here but only your ability will make you successful. Success will follow if you work with patience. So readers, if you have any doubts don’t forget to comment.

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