Itz kabbo biography, uid, income, girlfriend, studies, address

itz kabbo biography
itz kabbo biography

Hello, what is up? today in this article we will know about a freefire gaming YouTuber whose name is itz kabbo. All are searching via these topics that itz kabbo biography, uid, income, girlfriend, etc. So today in this post you will know that with full specifications. I think you will enjoy it very much.

Who is Itz Kabbo?
Itz kabbo is a Bengali freefire YouTuber. He uploads on his channel about gaming content. we all know the first YouTuber in Bangladesh Mr. triple R.  But we don’t know which YouTuber is staying at 2nd position. Otherwise, if you ask in Google that ‘top 5 Bangladeshi gaming youtube channel’. then google shows you his channel in the second position. At present, he gained 2 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

Itz Kabbo real name?
itz kabbo is a brand name. he keeps the name on his channel. but he has a name we don’t know this. His name is Aryan Shaykat. We all know him as kabbo. but now we knew that his name is shaykat. If you know before reading my article, don’t forget to comment.

Itz Kabbo Address?
Shaykat islam kabbo home town at kustia. now at present, he lives in Dhaka. In his childhood when his father is transferred to Dhaka then his all family come here. but now they are settled in Dhaka. Sometimes they go to their village. otherwise, they stay in their current place Dhaka.

Itz Kabbo Age?
Many people search this query in google about the age of itz kabbo ugly shaykat. but they were unable to find this. now I tell you. itz kabbo was born in August 1996 in kustia. If you look from there, he is 24 years old.

Itz Kabbo Family member and Study?
Shaykat islam kabbo lives with his own family. In his family have his father and Mother and Younger sister or his wife. Itz kabbo is already married to a girl named Sumaya. in 2020 he married his girlfriend Sumaya. she was his girlfriend who belongs to college life. now there is a happy family.

Itz kabbo now studying at masters final year. He is not good at his study. he always bulks his college or university. There we got an example that backbencher is got success in his own life. Itz kabbo is one of them.

What did Kabbo do before YouTube?
Kabbo was a teacher. He was a tutor in a college. When he studied at the owner’s first year then he was a professor in a public college. Now he left the profession. Because he is now the biggest YouTuber. That’s why he left it.

Itz kabbo Monthly income?
Itz kabbo monthly earning 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh taka. he earns on youtube 2 lakh and gets sponsored 1 lakh taka. nowadays in youtube can’t make more money because their CPC is very low in Bangladesh. Otherwise, his channel has no sponsor then he would leave YouTubing.

Itz kabbo gaming UID?
Itz kabbo freefire uid is 228197025. He is a bd server player. his gaming id name is Itz?┬░Kabbo. every people search it kabbo uid they do not get a good result. now this is his He is a pc player. Everyone calls him AWM king. Because he playing well via awm. real uid and name I give in my article.

Kabbo Youtube current status?
Kabbo vaiyer current status on his youtube now his channel has 744 videos. and he gained already 2 million subscribers with it. now kabbo present subscriber is 20 lakh 25 thousand. and in his channel total number of views is 29 million. he has another channel named itz kabbo gang now a subscriber in his channel 2.5 lakh. and uploads videos 44.

Which videos are gain most viewed in his channel?
Itz kabbo best video is when he played with b2k. the video is now viral. now it views above of 3 million. below I give the youtube video with a link. you can watch it now.

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