Mr. Triple R biography, income, face reveal, gaming uid, family, studies

mr triple r biography
Mr triple r biography

Hey! what’s up? Hope you are well. Today in this article we will know about Mr. Triple R’s biography. We will know his income, gaming uid, face reveal, age, etc. So I think you are very interested to know that. So, without any more questions let’s go for today’s topics.

Who is Mr. Triple R?
Mr triple r is a YouTube channel name. It is a famous gaming YouTube channel in Bangladesh. This channel always uploaded freefire gaming content videos. No one doesn’t know him who plays freefire games. Because he is popular and the biggest YouTuber between India and Bangladesh, especially Bangladesh.

What is Mr. Triple R’s real name?
Mr triple r real name is Rejaur Rahman Resvy. There his youtube channel name ‘RRR’ triple r it means R=Rejaur R=Rahman R=Resvy. That’s why he gave his channel name Mr. Triple R.

Triple R Age and Address?
Mr. Triple R home town at Gaibandha District of Ramdev village in Bangladesh. Now at present, he lives in Dhaka Mirpur. Now He lives to stay with his parents in Dhaka Mirpur. Mr. Triple R is present Age 22 Years old. He was born in 1999 in Dhaka Mirpur. In that context, he is now 22 years old.

Mr. Triple R Relationship Status?
Mr. Triple R lives with his parents in Dhaka. In his family have three members that are his father or his mother and him. He is not a married person. Otherwise, he isn’t a single. He is now related to a girl. We can’t take able to know the girl’s name. He will marry the girl in the future. So, he is not now a single person if you are a girl you can not get a chance with him.

Qualifications of Triple R?
Mr triple r is completed his owner’s level graduation. Now he looking for admission to University. He started his study when his family comes to dhaka from Gaibandha. When resvy age was only 5 years old. Then their parents admit to a school of class 1. And he was started and now he graduated. Triple R wishes that he will continue his study after the owner’s graduation is complete.

What is Mr. Triple R gaming UID?
Today in this article paragraph I will share the resvy vai uid. Many people are searching for his uid but they can not able to find it properly. So now I give it to you. Mr. Triple R is one of the best players in Bangladesh. Mr. Triple R’s freefire gaming uid is 728027523. If you want to play with him then you can send a friend request. After accepting the request you can do gameplay with him.

Are Triple R doing his face reveal?
No never! Resvy means triple r can’t do his face reveal. Because he said that his one of video “I can’t show my face to my subscriber.” Resvy vai thought that if he show his face then break his dream. His dream is he always stay private like superman or spiderman. So, that’s why we can’t show his face.

Resvy Vai current YouTube status?
Mr. Triple R is one of the greatest freefire gaming YouTubers in Bangladesh. Now he gained subscribers over 4 million. Exactly he gained subscribers at present 42 Lakh 35 thousand. In his channel video are 969. He always uploads videos on his channel. Every day he uploads a minimum of 1 video on his channel.

Triple R Monthly income?
At present triple r income, 10 Lakh per month Adsense or promotion based. In YouTube video, he incomes 8 to 9 Lakh or promotion earns 1 lakh to 3 lakh. In social blade show lie content. Because Adsense doesn’t give much money to videos. So it’s fake. His income is 10 lakh per month surely.

Most views video in Mr triple r channel?
This video is now the best view to get. He was made a prank video and this video is going out for trending and his channel started to grow. Below I give the video embed link. You can watch it now.

Mr. Triple R YouTube channel link?
Below I gave Mr triple r the YouTube channel link. Go here and subscribe to the channel. Click Here to visit channel.

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